Hide-a-Bed I Pull Out T Shirt

by on January 14, 2009

i-pull-out-tshirtLet me say this right now. I’m not braggin’ about this. I’ve been on the passing end of a conception reception a couple-three times with this brilliant birth control method, so if this is your big plan to avoid becoming big daddy, you may want to take a moment and weigh the pros and cons.

On the other hand, I have slept on one comfortable hide-a-bed in my life. Shout out to the P’s and their fab guest room. Otherwise, the novelty and ingeniousness of having more space in your room and having a couch that turns into a bed is lost when you wake up from a night of sleep feeling like you just slumbered on a pull up bar.

Whether you celebrate guest room furniture or perfect timing birth control or even National Pie Day, you’ll need to get the I Pull Out Tshirt.

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