I Pooped Today T Shirt

by on May 30, 2011

You can have all your pop culture references, your nerdy phraseology, your offensive twists on holidays, your alcohol celebrations. For my money, scatological humor is the best your can buy. I’m 40 and I absolutely love the I Pooped Today T Shirt. And that might seem weird. You’d think 4-15 might be the demographic for this messaging and slight chance that senior citizens might also appreciate it because generally evacuating the bowels becomes more of an issue the older you get and the more clogged up the plumbing becomes.

But, I should probably not enjoy this offering from Five Finger Tees, so much. But, it’s my kind of humor. I fart like 32 times a day, and I think every damn one of them is funny. So, now I guess you know where I’m coming from. Might be the reason I live in my mom’s basement. At least part of it.

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