I Only Like NY as a Friend T Shirt

by on October 23, 2010

Funny play on the original transitive pictograph verbalization, which launched an absolute phenomenon. I heart NY in the twisted minds of Snorg Tees, becomes I Only Like NY as a Friend T Shirt. Now, it’s good to draw specific boundaries with cities with millions of people in them. Otherwise, it’s all give, give, give and you drain yourself completely.

And, if there is no love, then yes you have to make that clear from the start. Maybe you will learn to love the city and that will become a mutual emotion, but right now just friends fits just right with New York, the city that never sleeps. That’s another thing, if you love a city that never sleeps. I mean, if you’re in a serious, loving relationship, does that mean you never get to sleep either.

Hell, I’d rather live alone. I love the sleep.

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