I Loved LA T Shirt

by on March 15, 2011

This is exactly what I’m talking about with Local Celebrity. They’ll take well-trodden t shirt turf and make it fresh again.

Who’s ever seen past-tense transitive pictograph verbalizations? No one. This I Loved LA T shirt is totally original stuff and I love it right now (present tense).

It starts to make you think beyond Randy Newman. And think of today’s Los Angeles. Schools terrible. Every inch of public property graffiti tagged. Couches on every median. Oceans polluted. Drinking water scarce. Traffic hideous. So, maybe you have soured on LA too, and maybe it hurts to admit it.

Maybe you’re even thinking about moving away, but where will you go. Phoenix, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas? No way, you’ll stay in Los Angeles and you’ll come to love it again maybe.

Local Celebrity will never move, but they don’t have to like it 100% and all the time.

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