I Like Wikipedia Cuz It Lets You Make Stuff Up T Shirt

by on November 30, 2010

Well, not sure Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, would appreciate this statement but he’s too busy making personal appeals for donations to keep the online encyclopedia going that he probably won’t notice a little fun at his brain child’s expense.

I do like the flying kangaroo raptor lizard that they have on the shirt and the fact that you could try to make up a wild conglomeration of cool animal parts, name it, and try to get it into Wikipedia. Of course, it also undermines the fact that it is a legitimate research tool. No, you’re not going to bet your Master’s thesis on its accuracy, but you’re sure as hell going to use it as your starting point, so you can find other sources rapidly. It’s a great resource and I love it, but I’m still encouraging the purchase and donning of the I Like Wikipedia Cuz It Lets You Make Stuff Up T Shirt.

Headline Shirts likes to tip toe on the fine line of making fun and destroying a fine, free public resource.

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