I Like Turtles T Shirt

by on September 28, 2010

Lot’s of people like turtles, so you’re going to connect with a lot of new friends if you add this shirt to your rotation. I say go for it. Turtles are worth it. They’re the embodiment of slow and steady, and if we’re talking about snapping turtles, they can snip your thumb off with no problem. That’s so cool. So, get the I Like Turtles T shirt, if you like turtles. Otherwise, don’t get it because there’s no sense going through life as a fraud. Right?

Snorg Tees uses 25% of the proceeds of their shirt selling business to fund a turtle rescue. It’s a beautiful thing to do, because like greyhound dogs, and rag doll cats, turtles need to be looked after and found good homes as well.

What you thought I was going to skip the viral youtube video of the kid in zombie face paint telling a Portland news anchor that he likes turtles? Wrong. I am on top of all this shit…ya dig.

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