I Have Tourettes, Not Really But Fuck You Anyways T Shirt

by on March 15, 2011

Get This Shirt From Deez Teez

The thing with these aggressive, offensive t shirts is that people don’t think you’re really talking to them through the shirt. In fact, they probably imagine you are aiming this vindictive stuff at people THEY DON’T LIKE. So it makes them a little giddy to see something like this I Have Tourettes, Not Really But Fuck You Anyways T Shirt, because they think you’re sticking it to their enemies. So, you have to be patient with the people that come up to you and tell them that actually the shirt is especially for them. They’ll be taken aback and start incoherent mumblings, but they’ll get the message, and ultimately they may change their ways and become decent citizens of planet Earth.

Of course, if you get this shirt from Deez Teez and actually, in a sober state, decide to wear it in public, you may have some soul searching of your own to do. Better get the shirt and see what happens.

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