I Hated Math Then I Found Out About Pi T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on January 9, 2012

What you have here is a goofy little joke that includes pie and math, and a little wordplay with pi and pie. This is another one for my math nerd brethren. If I say it like that, does it imply that I, too, am a math lover, because that is not the case. I do not like math. Maybe a little simple addition and subtraction in my head, but anything beyond that hurts.

Then, again, if you include pie in the equation, I may be more amenable to working with the numbers. For instance, I’m cool with a word problem like…if there are eight pieces of pie and I eat 5 and a half, how many are left for the other four people in my family?

Get this I hated Math Then I Found Out About Pi T Shirt.

Snorg Tees going crazy with the math lately. It almost makes me uncomfortable, like I am in math class. But, not quite, because there’s steam still coming out of that pie.

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