I Hate Pants T Shirt from Rizzo Tees

by on January 21, 2012

Available in Men's and Women's sizes.

This I Hate Pants T Shirt seems to be super hot. Rizzo Tees can barely keep the things in stock. See all this Occupy This and Occupy That is monopolizing the headlines, along with the hard hitting celebrity sunglasses updates you see all the time, but the underground movement that is really picking up steam without a lot of fanfare is the no pants coalition.

I think this resentment against pants has been fomenting for several decades now, but just now in the last couple of years is it starting to outwardly manifest in the culture. People are seeing that other folks have the same aversion to the pants and they bond and come together and fight in unison for the cause. It’s a beautiful thing.

Do you hate pants? Would you rather wear an ascot on your ankle then struggle into another pair of leg constrictionators. Well, join the cause. Let your voice be heard. Leave a comment and bare your soul and your legs.

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Joe January 22, 2012 at 12:55 am

Totally against pants on all the babes. But fighting just as strong for pants on the dudes. Keep your junk to yourself, man. That’s how I feel. But my GF I hate pants on her. Encumbrance.


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