I Got to Second Base With a TSA Screener T Shirt

by on December 27, 2010

Very well done shirt here. Look at that hand groping that “S”. And, they didn’t go too far, like I got anally raped by a TSA screener. They kept it realistic and classy, but still got the point across with some humor. This airport screening has gone to far. It’s complete bullshit. You have a better chance of dying in the car on the way to the airport, than you do of dying in the air from a terrorist attack. Plus, the screening is actually still quite inept, especially with the carry on luggage. That is not an exact science and I’m pretty sure 70% of those screeners could be bribed with a jelly donut to look the other way.

So, fuck the airlines. Fuck the TSA. Fuck the 9/11 terrorists, who just keep winning…this is the gift that just keeps on giving, making the lives of the infidels miserable.

Sorry…got a little worked up, but I’m still partial to the understated work that is I Got to Second Base with a TSA Screener T Shirt. Kudos to Snorg Tees.

Read this if you’re interested in this whole TSA debacle.

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