I Enjoy Entertainment Tshirt

by on June 8, 2008

I enjoy entertainment tshirtAre you in this exclusive club? Get this I enjoy entertainment tshirt and make it known around the world. Actually, I’m lying. Entertainment is the keeping us down. Who do you think decided to make High Definition, plasa, LCD, wide screen, entertainment centers, surround sound? The man. What about coercing Hollywood to instigate the new golden age of television. The man. How about video sharing sites and blogs. The man. Electronic gadgets like iPods and laptops. The man. Game systems like Wii and PS3. The man. Fantasy sports and real time box scores. The man. Digital music on demand. The man. Netflix. The man. Lap dances from tranquilized orangatanges, banana slug enemas, middle-aged accountant porn. The man.

It’s all a rouse to keep you from thinking too hard about the insolvency of ALL major banks and the FDIC and the absolute and total corruption on K Street and Wall Street. No joke. And, still, I enjoy entertainment and so do you. The first step to becoming a new school revolutionary. Admit who you are.

PS. I also enjoy puerco pibil and wool socks.

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