I Don’t Like White People Either T-shirt

by on August 3, 2010

Um. Who can wear this? And where? I really don’t know. I guess anybody and everywhere is the answer. You just have to have answers. Like why don’t you like white people. Why did you assume whoever is reading the shirt does not like white people? Should your future white mother and law really know this about you at this point?

Whatever. Nobody’s wearing this shirt. You’re not buying I Don’t Like White People Either Tshirt.

Are you? Tell me. Would you? Could you? Should you? Do you want to stand in solidarity with your brethren of color? If you’re white, do you want to disown the whiteness?

This opens up a lot of race questions. And cracks the facade of social stability. This thing might just start a riot, unless it happens at a University where everybody is just a brain dead stupid kid with too many entertainment choices.

Tshirt Hell went to college and promptly dropped out when the issue of actually going to class came up.

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