I don’t have any grandkids ask me about my dick tee shirt

by on August 3, 2010

What you have here is a little misdirection, which only really works if the shirt is being worn by an older gentleman. You see, there’s these shitty homemade shirts that older kids make their old parents that feature grandkids and usually say stuff like these are my amazing grandkids or World’s Greatest Grampa.

Anyway, someone sees this shirt from afar and wants to ask you about the grandkids, then whammo, they’re reading about your dick. It would be funny if they followed through and you said something like “I’m old, it doesn’t work, and I’m too much of an all-natural hippie freak to use “get it up” drugs.

Conversation over. Next victim. Once you look old enough to have grand children and people come over to you expecting a discussion of paternal influence, it doesn’t really matter anyway. You might as well be curmudgeonly and gross and lascivious. Yes, folks, those are the big three to aspire to. That’s the evolution arc we’re looking for. Do it.

And, get this I Don’t have any grandkids ask me about my dick tshirt no matter how old you are, because it’s terrible.

Tshirt Hell is the worst tshirt company in the world. Entirely offensive and awful. Please buy something to support me and my malnourished family. Thank you.

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