I Don’t Get Drunk I Get Awesome T Shirt

by on January 3, 2011

It all starts with belief in yourself. You have to believe that when you start to imbibe the beers, the shots, and the glasses of wine that you are becoming awesome and that everybody wants to be around you as you become awesome. So what if you throw up in the backseat of someone’s car…they still want to be around you because you’re awesome.

So what, if you made a pathetic attempt to hit on a girl, accidently ripping the strap on her dress even as her boyfriend stood there shocked.

So what if the bouncer repeatedly had to throw you off the stage during that a Capella group’s set.

So what if you’re picking a fight with every other person at the house party, including your best friend’s little sister. None of it matters when you are wearing the I Don’t Get Drunk I Get Awesome T Shirt.

Deez Teez has been helping alcoholics cope and justify for years. Hooray!

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