I Do All My Own Stunts T Shirt

by on May 23, 2008

I do all my own stunts tshirtLiving the life of extreme. Adrenaline. On the razor’s edge. When you wear “I Do All My Own Stunts” tshirt everybody around you will know you’re THE REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE and the opposite sex will be irrepressibly attracted to you. It’s that whole devil-may-care, adventuresome attitude that always packs on the sex appeal. And the effect is 342% stronger, when they see you’ve survived some of the scary moments, like that time when your ass was on fire and the flames rode up your spine and ended up singeing the back of your hair, which ruined an exquisite perm mullet you had spent over 15 months crafting and smelled like that traveling petting zoo in the mall parking lot in Stillwater. Hard core!

Show the stuff you’re really made of, starting now, buy the I do all my own stunts teeshirt.

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