I Could Use a Little Sexual Harassment Tee Shirt

by on April 27, 2010

Not to minimize the plight that suffer from this horrible affliction on the job, on the bus, and at Sunday School, but this is funny. Like certain attentions in one context is something that can get you fired, where in another context it can get you laid and loved. That’s why I think anybody that makes it to the age of 60 with mind and body fairly well intact is a fucking hero. And sophisticated in a certain way.

If you’re not getting the sort of physical attention you need, you may very well be thinking what this shirt says: I Could Use a Little Sexual Harassment Tshirt.

I could be wrong but I think that this shirt is a winner if you’re wearing it on the town at night while drinking and carousing. In fact, it’s quite the ice breaker, especially when you’re looking for specific type of attention. Just maybe need to wear a cardigan over it, so you can cover it up when the dogs and creeps start comin’ around.

What’s the answer to the summertime blues. Tshirt Hell of course.

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