I Bleed Hip Hop Rabbit T Shirt

by on September 8, 2010

I kept looking for the bleeding cut off rabbit’s foot for good luck, but that’s not where this shirt was going. A little bunny with its foot cut off would not be very good at the old hippity hip hop, now would he? Instead, we’ve got a little straight up word play, and it’s fine, except I have a question. Is there such a thing as hip hop, or did it die with Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul? Are there still acts out there putting out the shizzle hip hop style? Is the culture style live or has it been co-opted into mainstream doodoo. Or am I wearing the I Bleed Hip Hop T Shirt as a retro-styley memory of the golden age of the music.

Please use the comment section to answer these very important questions for me. I need help. I don’t pay attention to the pop culture scene. I listen to Cream and type about shirts I know nothing about. Please, really, help. I’m in crisis.

Speaking of crisis…I asked Snorg Tees to help me find some direction in life and they tried to sell me a god damn t shirt…and not just any tshirt, a slow selling “we want to unload this inventory quick” tee shirt. Can you believe it? I might of made that up to generate some controversial buzz. Or maybe I didn’t. What do you think? Tell me in the comments. Someone, please talk to me…anyone?

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Ben Howard May 29, 2011 at 11:13 pm



Booker Addison May 30, 2011 at 9:45 pm

@Ben – Tell me what happened in your childhood with that pet rabbit. I know it’s painful, but talking about it can help.


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