I Am Not An Ambulance Backwards T Shirt

by on September 5, 2010

I have no idea what this means. You’re looking in a mirror and you’re shirt is reminding you that you are not an ambulance. Why? Now, there’s the popular irritation that EMT’s experience when they’re called ambulance drivers, and they want more credit than that. Apparently, they can stick needles in you just about anywhere.

Still doesn’t quite explain this. I think what we have is a very random idea that maybe as you drink to drug it to oblivion you start to think you’re an ambulance. So, maybe this I Am Not an Ambulance T Shirt keeps you more grounded…keeps you from going completely off the deep end.

If you suffer from this particular form of inebriated schizophrenia, then this shirt is absolutely for you. For anybody else that can’t even fathom EVER thinking you are an ambulance, then you should move on immediately. Nothing here is going to interest you.

Torso Pants spends a lot of time studying the effects of alcohol on the human brain. And, they are trying to help people that suffer from drunken delirium, one delusion at a time. Commendable and almost saintly.

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