I Am Not a Robot I Am a Unicorn T Shirt

by on October 10, 2011

I think, basically, that these shirt designers are scared of their feelings for unicorns. I think they have deep-seeded desires to touch a unicorn, ride a unicorn, and comb a unicorn’s mane that they go the other way with the designs and make them absolutely ridiculous. Like…yeah, I did a unicorn design check it out. Ridiculous, right? Unicorns are stupid, but everybody loves them so I put them on my designs, so they will sell.

But, really, the do shirts like this I Am Not a Robot I Am a Unicorn T Shirt to feel the sensual pleasure of drawing that strong equine body, and that long, pointy horn.

If you’re into unicorns but only want to sort of admit it, then you should consider this shirt from Snorg Tees. It’s just your style.

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