I Am Disappointment in Your Grammar T Shirt

by on October 25, 2010

You need to be sure of your shit if you’re going to take a condescending tone, especially as a stickler for grammar. This juxtaposition of disappointment in someone’s bad grammar while using bad grammar is a classic. And, isn’t it the case that the most fascist grammarians are also the worst offenders?

Reminds me of politicians aligning themselves with the Religious Right voting to ban gay marriage, talking about the sanctity of the institution of marriage being threatened, worrying about the safety of their children in a world with freedom of sexual persuasion, and, of course, accepting blow jobs in the airport bathroom glory hole. Sometimes the squeakiest wheels need exceptionally close examination, because the squeak may be covering up somethin’ or other.

Do you wish to have the I Am Disappointment in Your Grammar T Shirt in your possession. Then, by all means follow the link or click the buy now button or even click on the image of the girl with the shirt on and go get yourself one.

Snorg Tees prides itself on 99.99% typo-less copy on their website. Big source of pride for them. They employee an army of proofreaders to make sure they live up to this claim.

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