Hypnosis Spiral—You are beginning to find me very very attractive I am Very Funny Tshirt

by on April 11, 2010

Give THAT girl the googly eyes as she spirals into deep understanding of your amazing qualities. Guaranteed to work or your money back (if you can prove with real-time video that you’ve had 2435 exceptionally attractive women look intently into your tshirt, and you still have not enticed one to do your bidding).

You are beginning to find me very very attractive. I am very funny. I am charming. I am rich. I am physically fit. I am a rock star. I am a rocket scientist. I know what you want. I am what you want. I have great taste. I dress with style. My hair looks fantastic. You love my t-shirt.

Get the Hypnosis Spiral Tshirt because these days you need every edge you can get in this hyper-competitive dating scene. You can do it!

Some Snorg Tees suck. Some Snorg Tees are too cutesy. Some Snorg Tees are too geeky. Many Snorg Tees are so funny you want them on your body immediately.

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