Human Basketball Game Played By a Horse T Shirt

by on December 24, 2010

This is a nice little wordplay image misdirection combo shirt. You know how it works. Usually people are on the playground playing a game of horse, but now we have this little switcherooni and the horse is playing human. His opponent isn’t in the picture but it looks like he’s got him down to his last letter. I wonder what the rules are. Is there extra shots extra letters? Does his opponent get two shots on his final letter? What does this horse have? Is it all tied up at huma huma.

Sometimes a t shirt can bring up more questions than it answers and in rare occasions, such as this that’s okay. That’s why you need to get the Horse Plays Human Basketball game shirt. It’s funny even without any opponent in view.

This is a true story. Not one Busted Tees employee has ever played a game of horse. They refuse to play until someone can explain why that’s the word that has been chosen for this particular game. Yeah, you can switch it up. If you want a shorter game go pig. Or a longer game go giraffe, but why is horse the standard. No one knows definitively, and don’t even believe what you read on Wikipedia.

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