How to Make Me a Sandwich T Shirt from Deez Teez

by on February 23, 2012

I’ll tell ya. Normally, make me a sandwich is a misogynistic saying. Perhaps even a meme of chauvenism. But, when you put the BLT into a schematic with the exact instructions, then the sentiment shifts. Women, do sometimes want to make their man a sandwich, and it’s a kind and direct gesture that can be perceived loving, if you tell them exactly how you like it…the sandwich that is.

So, rather than condemning this How to Make Me a Sandwich T Shirt from my normal radical feminist view, I’m going to encourage the sale of it by Deez Teez because it subtly twists the entire get in the kitchen b*tch meme into something much more tender. Plus, it looks like a delicious sandwich.

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