House Snakes on a Cane T Shirt

by on July 13, 2011

Nice wordplay. You know the movie Snakes on a Plane featuring a desperate Samuel L. Jackson. And, of course, you’re familiar with the snakes imagery on canes. Combine them and you have a keeper t shirt. Do you agree? Will you take the next step to own this Snakes on a Cane T Shirt? Will you show a little faith? You will you put a little cash on the table as a token of your belief that this shirt very well make the difference in your life?

604 Republic doesn’t need to guarantee it, but it’s implied that wearing this tee, designed by Matt Dearden, is a game changer.

Wait…what does everybody lies mean? And, what’s the deal with the tennis ball. Time for some research. Oh, it’s a House reference. Dude must lie and play tennis and use a cane, and the snakes represent the Hippocratic oath and his doctor thing.

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