House Party at My Place T Shirt

by on February 17, 2011

The house on this shirt looks like it’s in party mode 24/7. It’s got a party hat that I doubt ever comes off, and it has a red door and a red bush, and red lights shining out the windows. That my friend is a party. And, I’m not making allusions to red door churches, red bush women, and red light districts. That would be like a massive binge, but it would be unsustainable. Whereas sticking with a permanent house party hat is something you can pull off for years.

Seriously, wouldn’t it be sweet if you could kind of replicate the look of the house on this House Party at My Place T Shirt with the red and blue theme. They have all those stupid blow up Xmas decorations, like those damn snow globes. What’s stopping an ingenious company from creating a massive party hat that can be safely installed on your roof. Now, people know for sure which house it is, instead of straining to find an address on the curb or on the porch post. Plus, this shirt allows you to let everybody you want to know about the party know. You wear a black duster and pull a flasher move to all your invitees. They nod in understand, and you close it up, because you don’t want any assholes to know about it.

Good work Snorg Tees. You’ve made house party invitations more awesome and interesting.

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