House of 1000 Corpses Captain Spaulding Fried Chicken and Gasoline T Shirt from Five Finger Tees

by on January 19, 2012

Here’s all the words on this special Rob Zombie-inspired shirt: Captain Spaulding World Famous Fried Chicken and Gasoline. It just tastes so damn good. Exit 13 Off Route 1 at Riggsville. If you’re a Zombie fan you have probably seen House of 1000 Corpses and know exactly what this Captain Spaulding Fried Chicken and Gasoline T Shirt is talking about. And if you know exactly that I’m pretty sure you’re feeling a tingle right now that’s telling you you probably should own this shirt. If I’m speaking truth then don’t hesitate, because the tingle always knows.

Five Finger Tees always knows what’s hot and what the bad asses are in to, and that’s comforting in this cold dark scary world that we live in.

Here’s a clip from the movie for your viewing pleasure:

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