Homeless Romantic T Shirt

by on March 1, 2011

Nice wordplay, ‘cuz you know it’s supposed to be hopeless romantic, and instead those crazy Vintage Vantage folks dropped a Homeless Romantic T Shirt on all you unsuspecting fools. It’s great on a wordplay level.

It’s even greater on a imagine the implications level. Homeless Romantic is pulling off drunken stunts to impress the ladies. Snatching buds from municipal flower beds, but falling over as he does it, getting more dirty and crushing all the flowers underneath his 125 pound frame. Then, there’s the box of chocolate he stole from a dumpster…all the good ones were eaten already.

Singing the wrong words to Kelis’ Milkshake out of tune, and shaking his soiled jeans covered ass. I’m about ready to cry because this fictional dude I just made up is giving it his pathetic all. Somebody love him.

Busted Tees commissioned or partnered with this work and I applaud them. Well done!

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