Hitler, Evil Hitler T-Shirt

by on August 17, 2010

Yet another Hitler tshirt from our horrid friends over at T-Shirt Hell. And, yet again, something that is offensive and makes you laugh that guilty laugh. Yes, Hitler was evil, but in this instance the only thing that makes him evil is adding the evil pointy goatee beard.

Sometimes I lose my moral compass when I’m looking at these types of shirts. I think Hitler, Evil Hitler with Pointy Goatee T-shirt is funny is within the realm of decency. I think. It’s probably not very cool to wear the image of Hitler on your shirt at any time, because, in reality, he committed unbelievable atrocities, but that’s is weighed against diffuse the weight of the evil by making fun of him and the situation and being absurd, knowing that yes he was evil and we acknowledge that, but this is funny. It does give the man a bit of humanity, which is probably also necessary when contemplating the evil in his heart. He was one of us. A man. And, look where he ended up. Do we need to take action to make sure we don’t start traveling down that ghastly path.

I’m probably thinking too hard about this pointy beard scribble.

What do you think about the latest offering from Torso Pants (a division of Tshirt Hell)?

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