Naughty by Nature Hip Hop Hooray Bunny T Shirt

by on September 15, 2010

Did I miss something big and bunny related that has caused this massive influx of bunnies on tshirts, decals, and hood ornaments. What…is going on around here.

This shirt may make a little shout out to the hip hop culture and acid, which is the only thing that keeps it somewhat edgy and ready for Tshirt Groove prime. Yeah, acid. White rabbit. Jefferson Airplane. What are you 25-years-old? Know your music history. Hip hop…you know Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, your mama…do you remember the golden rock of the 60s and hip hop of the early 90s. If not, you need to bone up, and then you will recognize this Hip Hop Hooray Bunny T Shirt for the badass piece of rock memorablia that it is.

You’re welcome for explaining it to you. I’m always here to help when Snorg Tees can’t be bothered to make intelligible shirts or to offer the very needed customer service of explaining what the hell their shirts mean.

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