Hi My Name is But You Can Call Me Prince T Shirt from Red Bubble

by on January 13, 2012

A nice twist on the name tag shirt you see all over the place. You know what I think is really funny regarding this But You Can Call Me Prince T Shirt? It’s that Prince is Prince and he wears blouses and poses all sexy on his albums. Lot of skin. A little of hair product. Much make up. And meticulous tweezing of the eyebrows, and shaving of the facial hair. Just outstanding.

You know what else makes me laugh? The way I think the Prince logo developed. He probably had some flamboyant audition of graphic designs…like there was a wall lined with paper and the designer had to walk into the room with a heavy bass beat in the background, strip down to the skivvies, and produce something stunning in like 13 seconds. The winner of that test then became the artist to create the symbol for the artist formerly known as Prince.

Then, it was like 18 hour days for 6 straight weeks with Prince screaming at the designer: “You are not capturing my LoveSexy essence. You fool. You tricked me. You betrayed me. I’ll never noodle on guitar again.”

Then, the next day the designer was at wits end, doodling and Prince came up from behind him, saw something in the doodle and exclaimed “that’s it.”

God, I love that Prince is on this Earth.

Stu Artist created this design and made it available on Red Bubble.

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