Hey Virgins Thanks For Nothing T Shirt

by on March 22, 2011

Well, it’s kinda true. They ain’t givin’ nothin’ up, which is great as a possible choice, if they’re saving themselves for the right partner, etc. I guess the question is what’s a virgin. I know some girls that think taking it in the pooper keeps their virginity intact, while others thinking French kissing is basically carnal knowledge. So, when you wear this Hey Virgins Thanks for Nothing T Shirt, be prepared to answer some of these “penetrating” questions.

Oh, and you may also get spat on our slapped for taking the Virgin Mary’s name in vain or slandering all of her ilk or is that the Virgin of Guadalupe. Whatever…I think Busted Tees printed this shirt from the folks at Vintage Vantage in order to get a little religianity in there for shits and giggles and major controversy. What about all those answered prayers? That’s SOMETHING!

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