Hey Kid Don’t You Like Clowns T Shirt

by on December 3, 2010

This is a nice shirt because it emphasizes the spookiness of clowns, especially to little kids, when the general consensus is that kids really should love the colorful, happy-go-lucky entertainers. There’s a disconnect there and Headline Shirts is exposing it to the masses for the benefit of the children.

If you want to spread the word on this worthy cause, then purchase the Hey Kid Don’t You Like Clowns T Shirt. Personally, I’ve never been super afraid of clowns, but I’ve never been drawn to them either. I can understand the fear of them with their weird smeared, garish faces, spastic motions, ill-fitting clothes, and unclear motives. The kids I don’t understand are the ones that like them. Chaos lovers. Future anarchists and devil worshipers, probably.

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