Hey Baby What’s Your Sine T Shirt

by on January 10, 2011

So, I created two fairly new categories to place my t shirt reviews in: science and math. Unfortunately, I know so little about both that I don’t even know which category to put this post in. Of course, I could do a little Internet research, and hope that within 16 seconds I figure out what it means before my attention fades. Thing is I don’t feel good about this Hey Baby What’s Your Sine  T Shirt. I mean, there are triangles and I know that geometry is involved, so I’m probably pretty safe putting the post in math, because, hold on to your seat, geometry is math.

I guess science and math are so intertwined that it’s not horrifically ignorant of me to think maybe a sine has some science application, but maybe I don’t need to take it that far. Maybe I need to take the image at face value. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Face value. There are faces on these shapes. And wigs too. Actually, what I mean is I don’t have to bring the science into if there’s no science readily apparent. Of course, some, including most likely Isaac Hayes (L. Ron Hubbard rest his soul), would argue that love and courting is a sweeter science than even boxing or string theory. I’m not sure where Snorg Tees stands on this.

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