Helvetica T Shirt

by on December 20, 2010

It’s a font. Holy shit get the t shirt. You love it so much. It’s so awesome. It’s your preferred font. Get it. Get it now. Helvetica T Shirt. Oh my god. This changes everything. Wow. Ho boy. Helvetica. A font. Get the tshirt. Use the font in your emails. In your documents. On your webpages. And on your t shirts. Yeehaw.

Now there’s a movie about the font. Apparently, there was some real dramatic stuff that went on with the font. More than you can probably imagine might happen with some font designer sipping tee and figuring out the whether they’re going sans serif or adding the little do dats on the end of the letters.

Actually, Busted Tees has done some ingenious, subtle misdirection here. That isn’t really Helvetica font. You know how those shirts have an image of something (say a pile of bat excrement) and then they have a word on there that has nothing to do with the image (say tequila). This is like the most understated misdirection shirts ever, because this isn’t really the Helvetica font. It’s comic sans. Ha ha ha.

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