Hello My Name is Elvis Name Tag T Shirt from Big Nut Tees

by on December 28, 2011

No I’m not selling Elvis name tags. No I’m not angling for a role in Bubba Ho-Tep 2. What I am doing is bringing attention to a great Hello My Name is Elvis Name Tag T Shirt. And, here’s why I’m doing it. Big Nut Tees let me know they had a collection of awesome t-shirts, so I went over there to check out the goods. Lo and behold I found this Elvis Name Tag garment, which makes perfect sense for this time of year, because, after Vince Guaraldi, Elvis put out the best Xmas music, as long as you skip the overtly Christian and stick with the secular pop tunes. He just brings too much gravity to the religious stuff, where he’s playful and swingin’ with light-hearted holiday fare.

But, what I really want you to realize is that you can wear an Elvis name tag t shirt to any networking function or singles mixer you feel like attending and you will get mad props, which is all you’re really looking for at those events. Well, maybe some quality numbers as well.

Elvis might have a little too much make up on in this little Blue Christmas live performance. Other than that it’s a very fine rendition.

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