Hello Fresco Ruled By Gingers

by on May 19, 2011

Hello Fresco is a fresh new shirt shop based somewhere on Earth. They tout their clean, positive designs lacking “skulls, thunderbolts, and general weird stuff.” They purposefully kept the designs light and joyous, which is an interesting twist on the regular t shirt fare. They also only release two tees a month, because sometimes less is more. Too much choice can be debilitating. You can crumble under the pressure of making the right decision. You can regret making the wrong purchase and have buyer’s remorse.

Not with Hello Fresco. Your choices are limited with a purpose. Two more interesting things about this tshirt retailer that is certainly a little different. Almost all of their designs feature a ginger bearded faceless dude. Wait, how can you be bearded and faceless you might ask. Well, the answer to that is one of the amazing wonders of Hello Fresco.

Finally, their prices are in Euros, yet it says you ship returns to Austin, TX. Also, they print on American Apparel t-shirt stock, and all of the copy on the site is in English. So, I’m slightly confused, but I’m sure it all shakes out with Paypal or the credit card. Easy peasy.

Maybe just dropping the Euro sign, makes Hello Fresco look a little more cosmopolitan, and offers them a little more cachet in the fresh, clean, design, Ginger world.

Here’s a Ginger bathing in plaid that’s being poured into a pocket. There’s a Ginger on a postage stamp…lick me. And, of course, this Ginger smokes a pipe.

I strongly advice you to check this one out. They have a fresh take on the t shirt biz and Ginger’s with beards.

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