Heads Up Seven Up Champion T-shirt

by on July 16, 2010

You remember the game. Put your head down and your thumb up. And some people touch you and then you guess. Hell, I don’t remember. I think we just played when the third grade teacher was hungover. If you really want to remember go ahead and look at this rules of the game and reminisce.

Then we can talk about duck duck goose, and freeze tag, and capture the flag and all of a sudden this party is jumpin’. You want the next shindig you attend to jump, then you need to get the Heads Up Seven Up Champion Tshirt. People will know what’s what when you show up in that and you won’t even have to say a word. Girls all over you, whether you a girl or a boy. And, people wanting to connect, network, get to know, hollar at and all that shit. If that’s where you want to be the first step is this shirt.

This is a very important heads up 7 up video you do not want to miss:

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