Rock Star Glasses T Shirt

by on May 16, 2012

Get This T-Shirt from Headline Shirts

Time to name the rockstars on this Rockstar Glasses T Shirt.

1957 – Buddy Holly
1965 – Bob Dylan
1969 – John Lennon
1970 – Elvis
1973 – Elton John
1974 – Jerry Garcia
1977 – Elvis Costello?
1984 – Michael Jackson
1988 – D.M.C.
1993 – Kurt Cobain
2007 – Kanye West
2012 – Your mom (JK)…Lady Gaga

That’s quite a jump from 1993 to 2007. What…rock stars didn’t wear glasses in those 14 years? I think Headline Shirts got a little lazy when putting this one together.

Just kidding. This is a great shirt to wear to parties because you’ll get a ton of attention as people try to figure out who these people are. Then people that you want to get attention from will be across the room and they’ll see you’re getting all the attention and they’ll need to know why, and now…YOU MAKE YOUR MOVE!

The power of an awesome t-shirt. You’re witnessing it as it happens. Lucky!

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