He-Man Greyskull Power Company T Shirt

by on November 12, 2010

A little switch up on the He-Man by the Power of Greyskull. Pretty clever. Pretty nice. I like the image on the shirt, a little skull with a yellow hard hat and some lightening. Dude. Don’t mess with electricity, it is very powerful and it can fry your little brains out, or it can turn you into a Master of the Universe. Not sure you want to take that chance. May be safer just to get the Greyskull Power Company T Shirt and wear it often.

What do you think? Are you a He-Man fan. Did you watch the cartoon? Do you watch the cartoon? Movie? Video game? Need a little memory refresher before you go crazy and pull out your wallet and make an important purchase. Here’s the intro, including a little humor. That feral cat is totally fearful and He-Man says he’s fearless. Good stuff.

Snorg Tees requires thorough knowledge of old cartoons before you’re granted a first interview. There’s an online test you have to complete in a certain amount of time. And, they know if you’re Wikepedia’ing that shit, so don’t cheat. It’s not open book.

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