Haters Gonna Hate Abe Lincoln T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on March 12, 2012

See Abe Lincoln as President of the United States made some enemies. Something about how there shouldn’t be slavery, and a whole region was like, WTF, free labor is how we make our money. How are we gonna survive? And Abe said, you better get some better business acumen and learn how to make money without the free labor. And those imbecile Southerners were like, no we won’t do it. So, then Abe said, well, I hate to do this but we’re gonna have a civil war to get this shit straight. And, the US proceeded to engage in super bloody four year conflict, which remains the deadliest in the countries’ history: 620,000. Sometimes you gotta do the right thing.

So, yeah, like this Haters Gonna Hate Abe Lincoln T Shirt says, there will be detractors, but if you know in your heart what’s right, you gotta fight for it. Damn, who knew I’d get all historic and motivational this evening.

Thanks Snorg Tees for goin’ deep.

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