Harry Potter Harry is My Homeboy T Shirt

by on January 25, 2011

You cannot have too much Harry Potter schwag in your household, no matter what your age. That’s how good the books are. So, go ahead and get the posters, banners, wands, the full DVD set, the book set with the special and convenient case, the HP Clue game, action figures, and, of course, this Harry is My Homeboy T Shirt. It has been THE cultural touchstone of the last 15 years. It is not something you can resist no matter how you try. Can you even believe there’s still one more magnificent movie left in the series. What a great thing to look forward to this summer. And, this is the perfect shirt to wear to that midnight showing, unless, of course, you’re dressing up as Hagrid or Dumbledore or even Harry himself with the scarf glasses and wand.

Snorg Tees encourages undying devotion to the J.K. Rowling franchise.

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