Harry Potter Harry is My Homeboy T Shirt

by on November 16, 2010

Hey, that movie is soon to be upon us and as you well know it’s going to be epic. November 19. Are you ready? You need to stand in line for the midnight showing with a Harry is My Homeboy T Shirt on because that’s the sensible thing to do. Of course, perhaps you live in a cold weather climate. If so, this is when sensible goes out the window, and it’s time to be awesome despite what people and your mom call rational choices. You need to wear a short sleeve t shirt when the temperature is in the 30s. Seriously. Think of everything Harry has done for you over the last 13 years. He’s a page turner. He’s a cinematic hero for the ages. He entertains and he enriches. The least you can do is wear this Nerdy Shirts Harry Potter shirt in the freezing cold.

I’ll allow you to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath, but that is my only concession. This thing must be clearly visible your entire wait in line on opening night. But, why am I trying to coach you on this. You would naturally do this, because the shirt is awesome, and if you are wearing it you are awesome too.

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