Hard Work Pays Off in the Future – Laziness Pays Off Now Tshirt

by on December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! Be lazy this holiday season! Make a New Year’s Resolution to be roustabout. Make slothfulness your goal, ‘cuz it pays off immediately. Instant gratification baby. You could lay up your stores for winter like the ant, then get hit by a bus. Where does that get you, grasshopper?

In fact, maybe we could take this philosophy to its natural conclusion. If you continue your lazy ways, you get perpetual gratification and the future never comes. Might be. I think they said that in The Secret somewhere.

I love this everything about this shirt. The bubbly lazy font. The pot leaves. The taupe and brown color scheme. This baby is a winner. And you certainly should put your check from Gramma in the bank, pull out the credit card and buy Hard Work Pays Off in the Future – Laziness Pays Off Now T-shirt.

Remember, take a load off. Enjoy the family and friends. Forget about all the little nagging chores, to do’s, work issues, and just have holiday fun, lazy style. Yeah, sure, volunteer to wash the dishes, and hope Aunt Martha pushes you out of the way and does them instead, while you steal the XBOX controller from your nephew and show him how a pro handles Halo 3: ODST.

And, don’t forget the Celtics-Magic, Lakers-Cavs doubleheader this afternoon, while your younger brother gets stuck gathering up all the wrapping paper and trash and trudging to the trash can through 10 inches of snow. Remind him to shovel the walks.

Resolve to patronize Snorg Tees, because they fresh.

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