Har Mar Superstar Head Hoods

by on January 18, 2009

head-hoodsFirst, I know these aren’t tshirts, but they are funny and they are worn above the waist, so I figured meeting 2 out of 3 criteria for qualifying for a Tshirt Groove post was good enough in this select instance.

Why, well, because they are awesome. Check out this head hoods of Har Mar Superstar. Looks exactly like him and when you wear it people will confuse for him and hot ladies will keep coming up to you and asking you out for a power lunch.

Some people keep saying that that is really just the face of a king from a deck of playing cards, but I know the inside scoop on this deal.

Anyway, check out these Head Hoods right now. Along with Har Mar, they have Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, skull, Obama, Bob’s Big Boy, Screaming Baby, Kanye West, Michael Jackson and much, much more!

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