Happiness is Perfect Chain Tension

by on April 21, 2010

Boy oh boy is that true. If I don’t have perfect chain tension, I’m a morose piece of shit. Whiny, grumpy, touchy, and argumentative. Problem is I can’t get that shit right, so I have to take it into the shop, which is cool because a good bike shop feels sorta like home annex. Laid back vibe and grease under the nails. But, if my happiness, depends on the work of somebody else, that may be an issue.

If you’re into the bike riding, especially that of the fixed gear variety, you’re probably going to need to own this Happiness is perfect chain tension shirt. In fact, you probably already clicked on the link and are gone, which is OK. I just wanted to finish up with a little observation.

Fixed gear bicycle freaks are HARD CORE. No switching it to easy, when you hit a hill – what? No stoppage of pedaling for a little breather – What? What? No brakes – What? What? What?

It’s crazy shit, but look at one of those fixies some time. They’re just beautiful simplicity. Clean. Lean. Mean. I like making this the tshirt of the day, because I wanted to give a shout out to bicyclists, because they’re getting around without exhaust and it is Earth Day tomorrow.

Plus, there are more cool designs at One Gear Clothing,  including a sweet skull head with gear eye socket they call Ghost Roger.

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