Jimmy Kimmel Live Handsome Mens Club T Shirt

by on October 21, 2010

This is a funny shirt to wear as a man. I think you can wear it in two instances. One, you’re hideously ugly like Larry Bird, so wearing this is like a super joke. People will dig your vibe knowing you’re not afraid to make fun of yourself. Two, you are very handsome, not kinda handsome, not sorta handsome, but very handsome, and people see that HMC shield and think that just maybe, you really do belong to to the club.

And, of course, no women can wear this shirt. It’s not ironic or funny or goofy. It quite simply doesn’t work. Only two types of men can wear the Handsome Mens Club T Shirt. Do you qualify?

Send your membership fee to Snorg Tees, who started the official HMC. Simply send a photo and your $1200 non-refundable annual fee, and current members will vote on you at the next Board meeting. Membership perks include being authorized to wear the shirt, and access to a thoroughly enjoyable forum, where handsome men gather and talk about being handsome in a safe environment.

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