Robot Chicken Gummy Bear Trap T Shirt

by on February 12, 2011

Update: Special shout out to reader who cares, who kindly let me know this shirt references a Robot Chicken scene, which you can watch below. What would I do without you all.

This is a cute shirt on the surface, but for some reason I don’t totally get it. It’s a gummy bear and he’s caught in a trap and that’s a bummer. There are real bear traps that look like the trap on the shirt and when those catch wildlife that is a bummer, because they are sort of inhumane. Metal jaws of pain and trapping. But, why is this gummy bear caught in the trap? Did someone set a mini trap to catch like locusts or something, and then, randomly, some kid tossed a gummy bear out the window and it ended up landing on the locust trap and getting caught. I need the background story on this Gummy Bear Trap T Shirt, if I’m truly going to buy in 100 percent.

Just called Snorg Tees and they said I’m being way to literal and should just my imagination run hog wild with this one. Not sure I can follow that advice. I don’t even like gummy bears, but, still, you might, which is a great reason to get this shirt.

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who cares February 12, 2011 at 11:23 pm

it’s from robot chicken, retard. check my web-link


Booker Addison February 13, 2011 at 11:49 am

@who cares – Thanks for the heads up. I never watch TV or movies, play video games, or surf the Internet so I’m a little behind on the pop culture references. And I am a clinical retard, so you’re right on the money there as well.


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