Guess He Can’t Obama Tee Shirt

by on October 8, 2009

guess-he-cant-tee-shirtBarack Obama just can’t get it done. I voted for the man, but shit is still bad and getting worse. Most definitely better than it would be with George Bush and even John McCain, but still…put some bankers in jail. Kick the Fed’s ass. Have some balls and stand up to the rampant corporate malfeasance and then talk to me about some change.

It’s obvious all the “Yes we can” and “Change” rhetoric was genius campaigning capitalizing on a fed up populace. It’s equally apparent that President Obama is complicit. So, those that bought in to this fantastic campaign and amazing speechifying are now feeling even less civically minded because they got even more bamboozled than when they new upfront that a recently elected politician was a douche. All I gotta say is thank god for Rep. Alan Grayson.

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