Go Sports Tshirt

by on August 2, 2010

It totally is not cool to care about sports. Billions of dollars flowing to owners and athletes. Hot dogs, sodas, beers, Twizzlers, goin’ through ya. Athletes don’t much care as long as they get enough stats to get the next check in free agency. Your city or another. Does not matter. It’s like modern Romans right. All our basic needs are met. We don’t have to life and death struggle for food and shelter, so now we gotta make interesting by proxy.

That is not cool. It’s way more cool to listen to bullshit ironic bands with mustaches. Right? Wait, I totally lost my train of thought. Basically, just go get your knee length tight jean shorts and try to run the steeple chase. I think that’s the lesson here. Is that the lesson you’re picking up here?

Go Denver Nuggets! But, before the NBA season kicks off be sure to get Go Sports Tee, because you can where it to any event and look like the OG fan. You don’t have to get the retro-LeBron Cavs jersey and then replace it with the Heat joint. Just where this one message fits all sports, teams, and players and you’re good to go. It’s like one of those AC adapters with all the female and male connections.

Busted Tees likes sports more than it will let on. It’s got a calendar and X’ing off the days until football season starts.

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