Go Local Sports Team and/or College T Shirt

by on September 1, 2010

There are quite a few shirts like this that sort of harken back to Animal House and Bluto’s “College” Tee. Just generic messaging that really says, I don’t give a shit about school spirit or the local team or even my school’s sports teams.

It’s nice, because in this sports-saturated culture, there’s a breath a fresh air in ironic graphic t shirts like this Go Local Sports team and/or College T Shirt.

Oh, wait, the culture is also saturated with this ironic, goofball humor as well. In fact, it’s probably catching up to the sports, except for eating contests. Nothing is going to catch eating contests.

What am I talking about, we’re going down just like the Romans. It’s inevitable. The U.S. Has been on top for way to long to keep any proper perspective. And that, ultimately is what Torso Pants is trying to say with this deep dive into the political and social malaise that is our country.

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